Why Women are Afraid to Invest? Dismantling the Fear

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Generally, women are the ones who control the purse strings within a typical household. Yet, when it comes to stepping out and investing, things are different. So how come women come across as confident when taking care of the family budget, but shudder in regards to investing? Lack of confidence, having little investment knowledge, and […]

3 Tips: How To Spend Money To Buy Time

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It can be challenging to manage your time. Whether you want more leisure time, need to cut some work projects for responsibilities that take precedence, or anything else, you have probably wondered if there is a way to find more time. So, how do you spend money to buy time? To spend money to buy […]

3 Months or 1 Year? How Much Food Storage Should I Have

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We live in perilous times. From wars, to rumors of wars, to natural disasters of all kinds, it’s vital to have a food storage plan in place for yourself and your family. But how much food storage should you have? Having three months worth of food storage is safer than having a month’s worth of […]

How Much Can I Spend on Luxury Goods? (The 1% Luxury Rule )

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As it so happens, the more money we make, the more we typically spend. That’s known as lifestyle inflation. But how much should we be spending? You should spend no more than 1% of your net worth on luxuries (or wants) after having reached the expected net worth for your age and income. If you […]

Top 5 Budget Methods: Ranked Easiest to Most Difficult

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There are many different ways to budget your money. Before determining which method to pursue, you’ll want to research how much time and maintenance a given budgeting system involves before you get on board. The best budgeting methods from easiest to most difficult are as follows: 1) the ‘No’ Budget method (easiest), 2) the Pay-Yourself-First […]

5 Steps to Making More & Spending Less: Avoiding Inflation

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If you’re charting your way to financial independence but don’t seem to be getting there any quicker, you may be experiencing lifestyle inflation. In this article we talk about what it is, its impact on your timeline to financial independence, and a 5-step strategy on how to avoid it. So if you’re ready, let’s start […]

3 Wise Spending Tips: Your Guide On Spending For Happiness

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In a world where you’re pressured to spend money at every turn, how can you know the best way to spend your hard-earned cash? This article will help you get your money’s maximum worth. To spend your money wisely, first spend money to create security and stability, second to invest for the short and long […]

How Much Money is Fat FIRE: Breaking Down Your Calculations

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What kind of FIRE are you? Lean? Traditional? Fat? If you’re looking for a comfortable retirement, Fat FIRE may be right for you. Calculating your Fat FIRE number takes just a few basic steps. As a general rule, you should double your current expenses and divide by 4% to determine how much money you need […]